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Ivy Review Inc. is a college consulting company founded by Harvard University graduates in 1998 to help 7th —12th grade students get accepted to the colleges of their dreams.  The Ivy Review pedagogy includes ethical and moral development of all students enrolled, with the goal of creating future leaders with a sense of global awareness. Ivy Review offers individualized holistic college consulting programs to provide students with a road map to their top colleges. To ensure a personalized course for each student, Ivy Review begins by using an inventory survey that identifies the student's major and college selections. The results are then used to help the student build motivation, improve upon their study skills, focus on the right extracurricular activities, and ultimately gain admissions to the universities of their choice.

Alex Hull

M.Ed., Harvard University

Ivy Review CEO & Founder

  • Former Harvard University, Alumnus Interviewer

  • Former UC Berkeley, Undergraduate Admissions, External Reader

  • Former UC San Diego, Undergraduate Admissions, External Reader

  • Publications:

    • American Dream, I Can Do It! (2009)

    • Guide to UC and Stanford Admissions (2011)

    • 10 Commandments to Ivy League & Stanford (2013)

  • CBS Bay Area Bay Sunday (2015)

  • KLOK College Admissions 101 Radio Talk Show (2017 - 2018)





Our consultants are personally trained and endorsed by Ivy Review CEO Alex Hull.


Alex Hull

Senior Consultant at Campbell

Aditi Kapadia

Senior Consultant at Pleasanton & San Jose

Amanda Lee

Senior Consultant at Campbell


Stephanie Yang

Senior Consultant at Davis, Elk Grove, & Roseville

Sudha Davuluri

Consultant at Westlake Village

Tony Vo

Consultant at San Francisco

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Saturday, April 23, 2016
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