Total Academic Package

7th to 11th Grade

Ivy Review's Total Academic Package (TAP) provides monthly 1:1 comprehensive college admissions consulting with certified consultants. The monthly 1:1 consultations provide timely advice for students as they progress in reaching their goal of gaining admissions to the college of their choice.  


As part of TAP, we also offer TAP members monthly workshops that cover a diverse range of topics directly related to the college admissions process. TAP assists students with goal setting, study skills, time management, major and college selection, standardized test (PSAT, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests) planning, extracurricular activity planning, summer planning, and internship and research guidance. Students will receive action plans to boost their GPAs and surpass their basic course requirements as well as recommendations for extracurricular activities. In the student's senior year of high school, they will receive guidance with their college applications through our intense College Application Coaching (CAC) workshops.


If you are interested in TAP, first sign up for a One Hour Consultation with one of our certified consultants. The 1:1 One Hour Consultation features a total assessment of the student's academics and extracurricular activities, and provides vital recommendations for his/her college admissions process. The student and parents will also have time to ask questions during the consultation.

Application Coaching

Rising 12th Grade

College Application Coaching (CAC) is designed for rising 12th graders and aims to provide assistance in college applications through individualized 1:1 consultations and intense application workshops. CAC encompasses everything from a student's major and college selections to assistance with the student's application, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and interview. 


Starting with an in-depth analysis of the student’s academic history, aptitude, environment, extracurricular activities, and student and parent surveys, Ivy Review consultants work directly with each student to develop the strongest application package that enhances the strengths and uniqueness of each student to meet the admissions criteria of the school of their choice.  Drafting of the college essays goes through several revisions to showcase the student’s talent, hardships, and uniqueness. 


If you are interested in CAC, begin by signing up for the One Hour consultation. The 1:1 One Hour Consultation features a total assessment of the student's academics and extracurricular activities, and provides important recommendations for his/her college admissions process. The student and parents may be able to ask questions during the consultation.


7th to 12th Grade

One Hour Consultation

How to book the consultation:

1. Click on the "Book One Hour Consultation" button.
2. Select location and consultant.
3. Proceed with payment.
4. Upon receipt of payment, we will contact you with the appointment time and what to prepare for the consultation.
5. Please note that the student and parent(s) must come together with all documents.

6. Enrollment to Total Academic Package and College Application Coaching after the One Hour Consultation is not guaranteed.

The One Hour Consultation is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY. If you have had a consultation with one of our consultants, please do not book another appointment.

The 1:1 One Hour Consultation is for new students and parents seeking answers and guidance for the complicated college admissions process. During the 1:1 One Hour Consultation, a certified college consultant will provide a comprehensive road map that will address high school course selection, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Subject tests planning, and extra-curricular strategies to strengthen the student's chance of getting accepted to the colleges of his/her choice. Through the 1:1 One Hour Consultation, students, and parents will gain invaluable insight into the college admissions process.​

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Comprehensive 1:1 Approach

A recent survey by IECA indicated that 26% of high-achieving seniors have worked with college consultants. Often, students find that merely working with their high school counselor is insufficient, as high school counselors must often manage hundreds of students has each year, making it difficult for them to provide students with the full amount of attention and guidance they may need. In fact, in California, the student to counselor ratio is 800:1. At Ivy Review, our students receive undivided attention from professional counselors that they otherwise may not be able to find at their schools.  Ivy Review programs excite students and challenge them to accomplish their life passions by helping them recognize their talents and motivating them to find creative ways to exercise their gifts.  

Hands on Founder/CEO

Alex Hull is a hands-on CEO who works directly with the Ivy Review college consultant team so they may better provide students with the best guidance necessary to succeed in academics and life by pursuing their passions. Utilizing his rich experience, he has developed a comprehensive college consulting program that inspires Ivy Review students to make their dreams a reality. Under the supervision of Mr. Hull, certified college consultants assist students in independently transforming their interests into tangible plans, goals, and social contributions. 

Proven Track Record

Today, college acceptance rates are becoming extremely competitive; it is not enough to get high grades and SAT scores.  In a 2016 survey, 100% of Ivy Review students and parents stated that they were completely satisfied with Ivy Review’s TAP and CAC services. Our alumni include over 8,000 high-achieving students who have graduated from the nation’s most prestigious universities including Stanford, Ivy League schools, MIT, Caltech, University of California, and others. 


Ivy Review is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with the Ivy League Schools. Ivy Review does not offer any guarantees or warranties for score amelioration or college acceptance. We reserve the

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