The Tax Deadline April 15th equivalent of College Applications is Coming Up!

If your child is a rising senior, this is the tax time equivalent of college applications and you don’t want to wait until the April 15th equivalent!

You will have to help your child in a wide variety of following tasks:

  1. College selection based on their potential, interest and personality – specifically breaking the list into match, reach and safety schools

  2. Deciding on Early vs. Regular

  3. Major selection i.e. deciding on the major based on their passion or interest in a specific school

  4. Essay topics – you should not write your child’s essay but instead help them with it

  5. Letters of recommendation

  6. Getting standardized tests in order

  7. Last minute resume brush-up

  8. Senior year course selection

  9. Potential interview preparation

  10. Time & schedule management

I recently talked to an admissions officer from a top 5 university and he said that they pretty much expect kids to get professional help for essays. Just as we get coaches to help with tennis, basketball, speech & debate etc. (rather than helping them by doing research on our own), coaching on essay writing requires skill and years of experience to bring out a full picture of the child. It is amazing how many parents leave this critical component of their child’s future in their child’s hands after having spent countless hours on other activities. And for a senior a great essay can propel their application forward while a bad essay can needlessly punish them.

Ivy Review has a comprehensive College Application Coaching program with 5 or 10 application packages. Our workshops start on 8/3 so don’t procrastinate and contact us immediately at With Ivy Review, you are assured of the highest quality of experience!


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