Do you Need Help with your College Applications?

Do you Need Help with your College Applications?

The answer, of course, is it depends! Were you expecting a different answer ?

The facts are follows: 26% students nationwide got college admissions help in 2013 (source: Huffington Post). The number is presumably higher in 2015 and even higher for the Bay Area (check with your graduating friends in Fremont, Cupertino, or Saratoga). In face of this competition, what should you do?

Here’s our view on the factors that determine whether you should go it alone vs. getting help. It’s no different than the thought process you might use in terms of selling a house with or without a realtor or managing your own retirement money vs. a professional.

Ivy Review Evergreen offers a College Application Coaching program (CAC) that helps with 10 college applications. In addition to helping select colleges and majors, the program helps with main & supplement essays, applications, acquiring recommendations, interview prep and early vs. regular decision. We help set goals and the appropriate motivation to achieve a desirable outcome. The program includes 10 half-day workshops and is common across all Ivy Review centers utilizing the same staff and workshop formats. Register for a 1-hour consultation to find out where your child stands and whether the CAC is right for you.

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Still not sure? Attend our free Open House session 6/7. Meet our CAC staff and our local college admissions counselor. You will also be entered into a drawing for a free prize (Free 1 hour consultation).


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